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Remember Eurodance-pop group Aqua and their 1997 #1 UK hit ‘Barbie Girl’? “I’m a Barbie girl, in the Barbie world / Life in plastic, it’s fantastic!” Well, that final lyric line has literally come to fantabulous, rainbow-coloured life in three-piece self-styled…

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Are YOU ready for the Day of Reckoning. . .?! No, don’t ye sinners worry, we are not announcing the imminent approach of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, but rather the welcome arrival on our shores of 5Angels, a five-piece…

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Interview: Introducing Beth Sherburn

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beth 5

Every once in a while, far away from the sob stories of televised talent shows, a gifted young person will be found in the most unusual of places. Beth Sherburn is the perfect example of being in the right place…

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Male R&B/soul solo-artist Mike Hough is another encouraging and inspiring example of how you can make yourself heard in the music business these days with only the aid of your voice. And what a voice it is!

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Introducing: TJ Bilham set to return with stunning new single ‘One More Kiss’

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 TJ Bilham - 'One More Kiss' video released

Fresh from the release of his critically acclaimed ‘Illusion’ mixtape, TJ Bilham is back with ‘One More Kiss’. The brand new track is co-written written by Andy Brown from Lawson who is responsible for multiple…

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Introducing: Billy Cullum and his debut single ‘Back To My Youth’

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Billy Cullum, an exciting new artist from London described as a “Star of the Future” (EQ Music Blog), brings a fresh sound to pop music. Currently in the studio with upcoming producer Alex Bakker, Billy’s powerful vocals and strength of his songwriting…

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Interview: Introducing Bleona

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In recent years the female music industry has gone from strength to strength, producing global stars on a regular basis. Now, Eastern Europe looks to be contributing to the world of music with the hugely successful artist Bleona. Pop Scoop! managed to…

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EXCLUSIVE: Interview and pics with Concept

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Still buzzing after the success of their debut Haymarket Theatre gig in Basingstoke, Concept followed with the second ever theatre performance at the Hub in Southampton, part of Southampton City College on Fri 5th July. (more…)

Introducing: YouTube sensation Anassa O’Neill ‘flying high’

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Anassa oNeill

British schoolgirl Anassa O’Neill is “Feeling Good” after her cover of the Nina Simone classic became a YouTube sensation championed by everyone from football pundits and popstars to French TV presenters. Read full post

INTRODUCING: Miles Graham debuts single & video ‘All So Innocent’

Jun - 19 2013 | no comments

Miles Graham

Miles Graham is an all round musician with a talent rarely found. With a warm, magnetic voice that compares to none and a songwriting talent possessed of something of the quality of a younger Van Morrison, what sets Miles apart is…

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