FEATURE: Heat up your winter with these ten UK gigs!

Dec - 08 2016 | no comments

This winter is going to be really busy for those of us who love their gigs. There are plenty of live performances all over the UK ranging from legends, to rising stars. Our list of events highlight the ones you shouldn’t miss this winter so don’t miss your chance and plan your winter…

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Exposed: The most and least generous cities on Halloween!

Oct - 28 2016 | no comments

Halloween is right round the corner and many children are hoping to fill their pockets with goodies when trick or treating around their neighbourhoods. However, some UK cities are stingier when it comes to delivering the goods to trick or treaters. Read full post

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FEATURE: Formula for the perfect Number One single

Nov - 18 2015 | no comments

Online ticket retailer Ticketbis has revealed the formula for the perfect number one by analysing UK number one singles from the past decade. (more…)

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FEATURE: The 2015 tours pop fans shouldn’t miss!

Jan - 21 2015 | no comments

With so many UK tours coming up in 2015, we couldn’t help it but make a shortlist of the must-attend shows of our favourite pop artists. We’re sure there’s more to see so share YOUR most anticipated music event, if not included in our list. Here we go! Read full post

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Justin Bieber Smoking Weed? Don’t Believe it!

Jan - 05 2013 | no comments

Justin Bieber won artist of the year at the American Music Awards

A lot has been said lately about teen hearthrob, Justin Bieber smoking “weed” as TMZ tweeted, upsetting millions of Beliebers around the world. Read full post

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Haylor? More like Hayl no

Dec - 13 2012 | no comments

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles seen leaving the Central Park Zoo in NYC

Ever since Harry Styles and Taylor Swift became a ‘thing’, Directioners have openly expressed their outrage over the “Haylor” romance. (more…)

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VIDEO: The day Niall Horan remembered me

Oct - 11 2012 | no comments


One Direction icon Niall showed his softer side yesterday, sending US fan Malena Butera a special birthday video. Should we really be that surprised? He has on many occasions shown Directioners love, and always has time for his…

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OUT NOW: One Directions ‘Live While We’re Young’

Sep - 29 2012 | no comments

By Charlotte Rees

So One Directions new EP is no available on our iTunes playlist, the five piece boy band that have been sweeping the nation consist of Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik.

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Dizzee Rascal, Joel Corry and Becky Hill among artists confirmed for the KISS Haunted House Party https://www.popscoop.org/2020/10/20/dizzee-rascal-joel-corry-and-becky-hill-among-artists-confirmed-for-the-kiss-haunted-house-party/

Niall Horan announces live streamed show at London’s Royal Albert Hall on November 7th https://www.popscoop.org/2020/10/15/niall-horan-announces-live-streamed-show-at-londons-royal-albert-hall-on-november-7th/

The Vaccines keyboardist Timothy Lanham releases debut EP under T Truman moniker https://www.popscoop.org/2020/10/07/the-vaccines-keyboardist-timothy-lanham-releases-debut-ep-under-t-truman-moniker/

Annie Lennox announces the 10th Anniversary re-issue of ‘A Christmas Cornucopia’ & previously unreleased recording of Purcell’s ‘Dido’s Lament’ https://www.popscoop.org/2020/10/07/annie-lennox-announces-the-10th-anniversary-re-issue-of-a-christmas-cornucopia-previously-unreleased-recording-of-purcells-didos-lament/

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