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Welcome to Pop Scoop, where passion meets opportunity. As a non-profit platform, we are dedicated to providing individuals, especially journalism students, with hands-on experience in gig/music review writing, feature writing, interviewing, and presenting at events. Our mission is simple: to assist aspiring writers and presenters in building their online portfolios through real-life opportunities.

While our roles are unpaid, the experiences gained here are invaluable. Many of our past contributors have gone on to pursue exciting careers in journalism and beyond. Join us at Pop Scoop and embark on a journey where your talent and dedication can pave the way for your future success.

Meet The Team

Jimmy Mavroudis

Meet Jimmy, a seasoned media professional with a diverse background in film, television, newspapers, and magazine publishing. He started his career at Sky TV, where he led the Props and Scenery department, and later went on to freelance for major media outlets such as the BBC, Channel 4, Warner Bros, and the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation.

With a keen eye for design and creativity, Jimmy is also the Co-founder and Art Director of Kool Magazine. He has a passion for the intersection of entertainment and technology, evident in his previous role as Showbiz and Technology Editor at the Cyprus Mail.

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Isaac Mace-Tessler
Content producer

With degrees in Art History and Film Studies, Isaac has experience in Hollywood and the US independent film industry, and has worked as a bookseller, lecturer and artist. He has what he likes to call “wide-as-the-horizon” taste in music and films, and wishes via Pop Scoop! to share his enthusiasm for and analysis of these media with the wider world.

Chloe Eglington
Content producer

Social Media Manager and Marketer

Clare Britton
Showbiz Editor

Founder of Strategi


We showcase the talented staff who have moved on, alongside our current contributors, as they have all contributed to making Pop Scoop what it is today, and we are truly grateful for their contributions.

Harry Seaton

Managing Director of Fluential, a creative and strategic influencer marketing agency.

Carelle Rose
James Stewart

James is an experienced Radio and TV host having started his career in the entertainment world at Pop Scoop before joining Heart FM, hosting the UK’s largest commercial Early Breakfast Radio Show from 2019-2022. You can also find him on BBC’s Morning Live, The One Show and Blue Peter.

Jackie Adedeji
Content Producer

Jackie Adedeji is a journalist, podcaster and TV host. Her work showcases a variety of content, including lifestyle, fashion, body image and women.