Songstress Gus Harvey is back and ready to claim her place as one of British music’s most standout stars with her latest release, ‘Easy P.1’.

Gus’ last release, ‘Albion’, received natural editorial support from digital service providers, landing her in popular playlists like Fresh Finds, Fresh Indie, and Ultimate Indie. The success of ‘Albion’ raised her monthly listeners to over 100k and captured the hearts of listeners with her incredible voice. Now, Gus is set to release a 4-track EP that explores conceptions of romance and relationships.

Gus’ upcoming release promises to be a sensory experience, incorporating visuals, soundscapes, and lyrics to create a cohesive theme. She collaborates with long-term friend Netti Hurly for the visuals and works with Grammy winner Harry Edwards, as well as Tom Dinsdale from Audio Bullys, to create love songs that tug at the heartstrings. Her collective of musicians, who have always been an essential part of her music, also contribute to the EP. With her roots in hip-hop and experimental jazz, Gus is known for her sultry yet warm delivery and clever writing.

The title track of the EP, ‘Easy P.1′, is a beautifully crafted song that explores the breaking point in a relationship. Gus uses strings to evoke a sense of romance and dramatic love. The union of the double bass at the bottom of the register and the violin at the top creates a meeting point that resonates with listeners. The violins were played by Kaio Moraes, whom Gus met while playing at Meadows in the Mountains festival in Bulgaria. Meanwhile, Oliver Senior, who has always played stand-up bass in Gus’ band, contributes the bowed double bass that forms the bedrock of the song.

Gus Harvey – Easy Pt.1 (Visualiser)

Easy Pt.1 out now on all platforms –

Gus describes the track as being difficult to perform live, which is why she chose to keep the title ‘Easy P.1’. This release is just the start of what’s to come from Gus and House Anxiety. Her unique sound and style are sure to capture the attention of music lovers and cement her place as one of the most exciting artists on the British music scene. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for what’s to come from this talented songstress.

Easy Pt.1 out now on all platforms –