Despite being a debut single, “Stones” showcases Anolah’s effortless blend of grunge and pop, with her soulful vocals taking centre stage against a backdrop of amplified power chords and rock-inspired acoustic drums.

The 18-year-old singer-songwriter from London delves into the theme of constructed identities, depicting an internal conflict between various personas in the lyrics.

Stones by ANOLAH

“Stones” release date May 19th 2023 Written and performed by Anolah Produced by Julian Wharton Mastered by Mike Marsh

Anolah had an unconventional upbringing, with a mother who was a powerful vocalist and a father who had diverse musical interests. Growing up within the New Age traveller community, she frequently moved around and had conversations with intriguing individuals in vibrant cities. While working at summer festivals, Anolah developed her skills as a musician and worked towards building her own repertoire.

Currently residing in Hackney, Anolah has collaborated with renowned producer Julian Wharton (Dios Mio) and mastering engineer Mike Marsh (Björk, Massive Attack) to record her own music. Her unique style of genre-defying original music is set to make a lasting impact. Anolah’s debut single, “Stones,” is a raw and emotional song that explores the experience of youth and the journey of self-discovery through experimenting with different identities. She chose to release this song first because of her deep connection to it.

“Stones” is available via digital service providers from 19 May 2023, with a launch party at Luna in Leytonstone taking place on the same day.