Feature: Why I love going to summer music festivals

Jun - 13 2019 | no comments | By

Last Saturday night I was sitting on the floor, outdoors, in a music arena, by the water in Faliro, Athens with a beer by my side and not a care in the world. I am about to dance and sing with thousands of people to the rhythms of rock legend, Iggy Pop. I noticed a feeling, the same feeling I always get when I am part of a large crowd at a music festival. Good vibes take on a completely different meaning during long warm summer moments like these. I have been travelling to summer music festivals abroad on and off over the past 8 years and it is an experience I am literally hooked on.

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Mixtape: 20 alternative Christmas songs in one handy playlist

Dec - 08 2015 | no comments | By

The family and I put up our Christmas tree yesterday. While I love the classics and listening to Dean Martin’s sexy voice filling the cookie-scented air, this year I just felt like something…well, alternative. So I put together a playlist of seasonal tunes with some spice. Included are My Morning Jacket, Tom Waits, The Ramones and Joni Mitchell and tons of others. It’s an extra long mix tape with ten songs on each side so enjoy! Oh and Merry Christmas to all!

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Mixtape: Check out new songs, classics & more!

Nov - 12 2015 | no comments | By

In the first of our mix tapes, I’ve been jotting down new favourites and teaming them with old loves to create my first mix tape for Pop Scoop. Enjoy!

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