In a nostalgic reunion of melodies and memories, Passenger, the acclaimed UK singer/songwriter also known as Mike Rosenberg, takes listeners on a heartfelt musical journey with the upcoming release of All The Little Lights (Anniversary Edition), slated to hit the airwaves on November 10th via Black Crow Records / Cooking Vinyl. The reimagined album, a testament to Passenger’s decade-long evolution as an artist, features a stellar lineup of collaborations, including a soul-stirring rendition of “Circles,” featuring the enchanting voice of renowned UK singer/songwriter Gabrielle Aplin.

A decade ago, Passenger made waves with his breakthrough album, All The Little Lights, which boasted the iconic track “Let Her Go.” Before the world recognized his talent, Passenger’s life was woven with personal and professional challenges, leading him to the streets of the UK and eventually to Australia, where the transformative album was born. Fast forward to the present, and Passenger’s musical odyssey has seen him garner billions of streams, embark on sold-out global tours, and even grace the screens of the Super Bowl.

All The Little Lights (Anniversary Edition) isn’t just a celebration of the past; it’s a reflection of the artist’s growth and resilience. Passenger has meticulously re-recorded and reimagined the album, infusing every note with a decade’s worth of experience and wisdom. The result is a musical masterpiece that retains the soul and spirit of the original while glistening with newfound brilliance. Collaborating with the likes of Foy Vance, Gabrielle Aplin, Nina Nesbitt, and longtime friend Ed Sheeran, Passenger has breathed new life into his beloved classics, making them resonate even more profoundly with listeners.

Passenger – Circles (Feat. Gabrielle Aplin – Anniversary Edition) [Official Video]

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“Circles,” one of the album’s standout tracks, holds a special place in Passenger’s heart. It’s a poignant tribute to his childhood best friend and the enduring bond they share. “I feel so grateful to still have that… people who know you so well and for so long are unbelievably precious,” Passenger muses. Gabrielle Aplin, whose ethereal voice adds a captivating layer to the song, shares Passenger’s sentiment: “These songs have really wonderful memories attached to them, and it’s always been one of my favorite albums. I love this song so much and cannot wait for you all to hear this new version.”

For Passenger and Aplin, this collaboration is more than just a musical endeavor; it’s a full-circle moment that brings their artistic journeys back to where they started. Their paths first crossed in 2012 when they both supported Ed Sheeran in Australia, coinciding with the rise of the original All The Little Lights album. Now, as they join forces for this special rendition of “Circles,” the connection between the artists and the music feels truly serendipitous.

As a testament to the album’s enduring appeal, Passenger recently announced a highly anticipated album release show at London’s Union Chapel on November 15th, in addition to a series of UK Record Store shows that sold out within 24 hours of their announcement. It’s a testament to the unwavering support of Passenger’s dedicated fanbase, a community that has grown alongside the artist throughout his remarkable musical journey.

With All The Little Lights (Anniversary Edition), Passenger invites listeners to rediscover the magic of his music and experience the timeless classics in a new light. As the album resonates with old fans and captures the hearts of new ones, Passenger’s musical legacy continues to shine brightly, illuminating the path for future generations of artists and dreamers.

All The Little Lights (Anniversary Edition) – Tracklist:
Things That Stop You Dreaming
Let Her Go (feat. Ed Sheeran)
Staring At The Stars
All The Little Lights
The Wrong Direction
Circles (feat. Gabrielle Aplin)
Keep On Walking
Patient Love
Life’s For The Living (feat. Foy Vance)
Feather On The Clyde (feat. Nina Nesbitt)