Ren, the genre-defying artist, has just dropped his highly anticipated second album, ‘Sick Boi’, featuring the third installment of his ‘Money Game’ series.

Ren’s artistry defies categorization, blending elements of hip-hop, poetry, performance art, and raw storytelling. He serves as the front-man, producer, creative director, and emotional truth-teller in a world crafted from his imagination. Ren’s unique and viral appeal has earned him the reputation of a street preacher for our times.

Despite battling Lyme disease and brain damage over the past two years, Ren channeled his struggles into the creation of ‘Sick Boi’. This 18-track hip-hop album delves into his personal experiences with sickness and mental health, sparking important generational conversations. Ren’s authenticity shines through as he fearlessly confronts his struggles, including misdiagnoses, personal trauma, and ongoing battles with mental health and psychosis.

Ren – Money Game Part 3 (Official Music Video)

Help support me by joining my Patreon: Production by Square Sun Studios & Secret Garden Party Song written, composed, arranged, and performed by Ren Second Pianist: Charlie Woof-Bryne Viola: Jordan Bergmans Violin: Dan Oates Cello 1: Alexandra Marshall Cello 2: Marion Porterlance Kid: Harry De Haviland Teenager: Erika ralph

The album’s lead single, ‘Seven Sins’, offers a glimpse into Ren’s physical pain and frustration, setting the tone for the entire project. ‘Sick Boi’ showcases Ren’s ability to embody different personas and emotions, providing listeners with a judgment-free space to escape into. Ren’s music resonates deeply, with tracks like ‘Suic*de’, ‘Animal Flow’, ‘Murderer’, ‘Illest Of Our Time’, and ‘Lost all Faith’ exploring various themes and experiences.

‘Money Game Pt.3’, the follow-up to Ren’s most popular song on Spotify, ‘Money Game Pt.2’, serves as a brilliant introduction to ‘Sick Boi’. Ren brought the narrative to life through a virtual ‘Money Game’, engaging fans with challenges rooted in the seven deadly sins and daily prizes.

Ren’s talent extends beyond music; he combines elements of spoken word, art, and theater in his work. His viral sensation ‘Hi Ren’ and a rendition of The Verve’s ‘Bittersweet Symphony’ have gained him recognition from esteemed artists like The Prodigy, Limp Bizkit, and Sinead O’Connor. Ren’s goal is to establish himself as a countercultural creative, drawing inspiration from visionaries like Quentin Tarantino and Stanley Kubrick.

With an ever-growing global fan base, Ren’s artistry is built on truth and empathy. He connects with his audience on a fundamental level, becoming the voice of the misunderstood. ‘Sick Boi’ is Ren’s powerful story of redemption, presented through a multifaceted musical journey.


Seven Sins
Sick Boi
Animal Flow
Money Game, Pt. 3
Lost All Faith
Illest Of Our Time
Love Music, Pt. 4
What You Want
The Hunger
Down On The Beat
Wicked Ways
Sick Boi, Pt. 2