Week one of Bootcamp had more drama than a month of Coronation Street. We witnessed drinking, tears, arguments an, of course, the occasional decent singer. 180 were through to Bootcamp, now just 93 remain. I hope you are ready because the contestants had better be….

Gospel girl band Silvertone, kicked us off and with so much at stake, it was obvious there was going to be some nerves. At this moment in time, they are inconsistent, one moment great, the next not so. Tonight was the latter. Look, I do like them, I really do but the competition is tough this year and they need to step it up.

Needing to come back strong after the below par group audition was Lauren Murray. We needn’t have worried, this was brilliant stuff. Fantastic comeback.

Brodie Kelly won’t like me for saying this but get him in a boy band. Good voice, nice looking lad. I just think he would shine more, with three or four other lads.

With a lovely tone, Simon Lynch made a difficult song sound easy. Very, very impressive.

First up for Team Midas tonight is Josh Daniel. If that doesn’t get Josh through to the six chairs, then I’m retiring. Awesome vocal. Another act who could release an album now and do well.

If one person was going to upset the Team Midas apple cart, then it is going to be Seann Miley Moore. This guy has not put a foot wrong to date and that continued tonight. One to watch. A serious contender.

Another act I like is Anton Stephans and this was a very strong performance. After that he might as well go and pack his bags for Wembley.

Team Midas’ out of this world girl band, Alien, landed next. The girls showed their human side during their VT and didn’t disappoint during their performance. I agree with Rita, there is something special and memorable about these girls.

Tonatha Raihan & Joseph McCaul were OK, I just wished we had seen more of them.

After losing out at the six chair challenge last year, Monica Michael was hoping to get back on her seat. Putting the drama of last week’s group challenge behind her, Monica smashed it out of the ball park, well the hotel gardens.

I think Papasidero has been very underrated. During last week’s group audition he has been memorable and he was again today. I really hope this opens doors for him, whatever happens on his X Factor journey.

Gem Ozalchin & Andre Batchelor have done well to get this far but I personally think their journeys will end here.

Essex lad Che Chesterman was awesome at his arena audition and he awesome tonight. Like Seann, Che is seriously one to watch. After that wow of a vocal, he should sail through to the six chair challenge. 10/10.

The very likeable Havva Rekbe Jamie Benkert & Ebru Gursoy all let the nerves get the better of them, which was a shame, as they are much better than they were tonight. I hope they all get another shot.

Mason Noise does not lack confidence and his energy really shone on the stage. Love or hate him, he can sing and you will all remember him after that.

Everytime I see Bupsi the more I am growing to like her. Tonight, I warmed to her even more. This girl can sing, I mean really sing. I really hope she gets through.

The same goes for Ben Clark, great singer, very likeable and deserves another chance.

Unless something goes miraculous wrong, after that showing 4th Power are not only going to sail through this, they are going to reach the live shows. Bold statement but 4th Power are amazing, absolutely amazing,

At their first audition, The First Kings blew us all away. Now laid bare, without the screens and dancers, they were vocally very good but I did agree with Cheryl, it was all very 90’s. Still think these lads are ones to watch.

Holly Johnson looks and sounds great, in an open overs category, she really stands out. I really hope the judges pick her. Brilliant vocal.

Ankush Khanna was much better than the judges gave him credit for. I thought he did really well and you could hear the potential. Keep smiling Ankush.

From day one Jennifer Phillips has wowed me, not only with her voice but her warm personality. If I had an overs shortlist for the live shows, her name would be on it.

Team Midas’ Kiera Weathers looks and sounds like a pop star (OK Louis) I don’t know what the judges were watching, as Kiera, yet again, showed us how it should be done. Well done Kiera.

Another Team Midas singer was up next, in the shape of the amazing Louisa Johnson. Look, let’s be honest, Team Midas or not, this girl is world class. This is her third audition and her third faultless performance. Louisa is out and out pure talent. 10/10.

Chloe Paige’s first audition was breathtaking but this time around she failed to blow me away. Still good enough to progress though.

Closing the solo auditions was Charlie Beard. This girl is not part of Team Midas but I really wish she was. She is awesome with a capital A. This young girl has a very bright future.

The singers have done all they can, now it is over to Simon, Cheryl, Rita (and via Skype) Nick to make dreams come true or turn them into a nightmare.

Good luck Team Midas. It’s decision time.

After 15 minute nail biting minutes, thankfully all of Team Midas’ acts have made it through, to the six chair challenge.

Decision time for The X Factor Judges
Decision time for The X Factor Judges

The full list of acts moving forward:

BOYS: Ben Clark, Brodie Kelly, Che Chesterman, Danny Sharples, Jamie Eldridge, Jordan Luke Gage, Josh Daniel, Martin Harich, Mason Noise, Nathaneal Landskroner, Ollie Marland, Papasidero, Seann Miley Moore, Simon Lynch, Tom Bleasby and Tom Davies.

GIRLS: Caitlyn Vanbeck, Charli Beard, Chloe Baker, Chloe Paige, Havva Rebke, Jasmine Leigh Morris, Karen Mav, Katie Coleman, Kelly Mai Webb, Kiera Weathers, Lauren Murray, Louisa Johnson, Lucy Duffield, Monica Michaels, Sharon Rose and Sophie Plumb.

OVERS: Alex Boye, Anton Stephans, Bupsi, Ebru, Hannah Marie, Holly Johnson, Jennifer Phillips, Joseph Mccaul, Kerrie-Anne Phillips, Lochei Kusi Ghent, Max Stone, Neneth Lyons, Sherilyn Hamilton Shaw, Stephanie Mccourt, Tonatha Raihan, Vicki Ann Nash and Zen Blythe.

GROUPS: Alien, Bekln, Cam And Brett, Deciebellas, 4th Power, Goe, Menn On Point, Mon Amie, My Bad Sister, Pyt, Rumour Has It, Ryder, Silver Tone, The First Kings and Tribe.