Pop-punk mischief makers, The Janoskians, have unleashed a new video for their latest track, ‘Friend Zone’ which will be released in the UK on May 24. 

‘Friend Zone’ is a controversial slice of pop-punk splendour. It is blistering guitars with an earworm chorus. The video is about five lost and lonely Zombies, roaming the streets looking for love to bring them back to life. They eventually find a girl and try to win her over in their own slightly scary Zombie ways …but in the end she leaves the boys stranded for a living breathing human. They are left alone, sad and stuck forever in the Friend Zone.

Beau Brooks says,”We hired serious make up artists for this. We wanted to really feel like the Walking Dead. Was such a fun day! But so freakin hot, under all that make up. We shot it in a deserted looking alley in Los Angeles. We wanted it to feel like the Zombie Apocalypse only with guitars and music…lol!”

The Janoskians recently sold out Wembley Arena and their EP ‘Would U Love Me’ flew right to the top of the iTunes chart within 24 hours. They are currently filming a feature length film with Lionsgate. They are an unstoppable force.

Pre-order ‘Friend Zone’ now.