We’ve been keeping a close eye on new boyband Cahoots so you can imagine the excitement of hearing they’ve dropped a brand new single and video to accompany featuring Shaun Reynolds. Check it out below:

But who are you Cahoots?  Well the group is made up of Tom Law from Cornwall, Matt DeFreitas from Surrey and Currice from Spain who are all prolific YouTube creators in their own right.

Tom has live stream collaborated with artists such as Ed Sheeran and John Legend and has over 77k people subscribing to his channel. Currice regularly gigs around Spain and his international fanbase has seen 200k people subscribe to his channel waiting to see what’s next for the self-confessed music fanatic. Matt just hit 50k subscribers and has racked up over 4 million views with fans regularly tuning in for their regular fix of music and comedy.

Now in what is believed to be a first for YouTube creators, Tom, Matt and Currice, AKA Cahoots, are working together as a band, joining forces to create music, content, or whatever may come as result of their encounter.

Under the guidance of YouTube artist development label PopShack, the guys are regularly collaborating both via live stream and in person and will document in real time their journey.

And Cahoots doesn’t just stop with the three of them; other creators will get involved with the trio, the first we can see being the amazing Shaun Reynolds with most excellent results.