After calling it quits around two years ago, Short Stack are back, announcing their reform as well as dropping their new single ‘Television’. The new single recreates the amazing, catchy sounds short stack fans have loved since 2007, and certainly brought back the short stack everyone knows and loves! The band have two sold out shows in Melbourne on Saturday the 28th of June, and Sydney on Saturday the 5th of July. It’s safe to say, once you go Stack, you never go back!

I caught up with Andy Clemmensen, the bassist from Short stack, recently!

So you guys recently announced getting back together as a band, how has the response been to that?

It has been crazy, very overwhelming, I mean, a lot better than what we anticipated so yeah, we’re stoked about how everything’s turned out so far!

What made you want to reform as a band?

I think we just missed playing music and missed each other as friends. Like, after everything finished we kind of didn’t hang out anymore, we hated each other. So I think we just missed being mates and stuff like that, we fixed our friendship before we started working on anything, I think that was the most important thing!

How long has this all been in the making? Reforming and releasing the new song?

Wow, since like July last year, almost a year now!

So you’ve been keeping this a secret for a while now?

Yeah, it hasn’t been easy!

And the new single ‘Television’ dropped recently; it seems to be going really well with all your fans!

Yeah I suppose so! It’s something we’re really proud of in general, so we kind of hoped that they would like it, but now we’re just making some kind of music that we’re one hundred percent happy with, so if the fans like it, great, and if they don’t then it’s all good because as long as we’re enjoying it that’s all that matters!

Of course! So does this mean there’s a new album coming out as well?

Yeah, that’s the plan at the moment. We’ve got a fair few tracks down, we just want to, you know, do things right and make sure we have it perfect and we’re one hundred percent happy with it before we make any commitments.

Sounds good! As well as all that, you’re going on tour soon!

We are! Very soon, we’re excited!

Just in Sydney and Melbourne at the moment, are there plans to tour the rest of Australia anytime soon?

Yeah, I think we probably will towards the end of the year, nothing’s been planned yet, you never know what’s going to happen. I guess we were a bit unsure about where we’re at as a band and whether we were still relevant, that’s why we only planned Sydney and Melbourne, but then they sold out in the first half an hour, so that’s crazy! So yeah, I think we’ll definitely be doing some more later!

What can people expect from the two shows you are doing?

I think they can expect the same stuff that we usually bring, a lot of energy, a lot of fun, and a good live performance ideally! I don’t know, a good atmosphere, good people, just enjoying music really!

What would you say is the best part of your job?

I definitely think it’s going on tour, I mean I love travelling, so yeah getting to travel around Australia and sometimes overseas is a great experience! That’s definitely my favourite part!

If you could say a message to you fans, what would it be?

Thank you for your support. Thank you for sticking around and putting up with our bullsh*t!

‘Television’ is out now on iTunes!