One has to wonder if things in the local music scene are a little sterile. Bland as far as the eye can see, the ear can only hear hipster libertine wannabes and the all too common – screaming at your mothers face until her skin melts – too hardcore for life metal bands. Which is why after hearing ‘Fake Feelings’ by Norwich based Synth-pop/Pixie-like trio made me go a bit “Holy- jackhammer-to-the-face-Batman!” its actually different.

‘Luck Dragon’ is like taking a jackhammer to the face, in the most positively gruesome way imaginable. ‘B R A I N S’ is a high point to the EP and leaves hanging for more but I feel somewhat… well aloof – sorry to be a party pooper.

However! ‘Fake Feelings’ is one of the best EP’s I’ve heard in a long time and certainly the best I’ve heard come out of Norwich.

If you are fans of Synth-pop, Pixies, nice and tight harmonies with some kicking sleazy guitar then you must let these guys give you an earful.