Superstar Robbie Williams has his fans an exclusive glimpse into his life as a father in an interview broadcast on Facebook.

In an in-depth interview with his biographer and music industry authority Chris Heath, Robbie talks through the inspiration behind his new album – covering everything from Olly Murs to X-Factor to his young daughter Teddy.

Asked how life as a parent is going, the Angels singer said: ‘So far so good – it’s been an absolute pleasure to love her and care for her.’

However, Robbie said that his latest single, “Go Gentle”, is in fact about his fears that she one day might meet someone with a similar character to him: ‘[The track is about being] worried she might meet someone like me – and what she should do if she does.’

Yet, the confidence of one of the UK’s best showmen of the last twenty years is still as strong as ever. When discussing the route to success on the X-Factor, Robbie was as assured as ever: ‘If you want to sell the most records, duet with me. If you need someone to come in and bless your record sales, I’m your man.’

Robbie was speaking at a Facebook event, the latest in a series of exclusive screenings that connect celebrities directly with their Facebook fans. To see the full interview, visit Robbie’s Facebook page – the first of three videos is live now and the remaining two will be posted in the coming days.