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Directioners prepare for tears. One Direction have announced they are releasing a new single called Best Song Ever.

In a YouTube video message for fans, Niall Horan said: “Hi guys, it’s us again. We’ve got a little secret we’ve been keeping and we want you to know about it.”

Harry Styles continued: “We are releasing a new single. It’s called Best Song Ever, it’s going to be in our movie and you can pre-order it from midnight, 12pm tonight.”

And Zayn Malik added: “We’ve worked really hard on it and we hope you enjoy it and it’s called Best Song Ever.”

Tweeting after, Niall wrote: “Wohooooooo! Love this day already.”

He later added: “Yes! #bestsongever is trending! This is exciting!”

Best Song Ever is released on July 22nd but you can pre-order it from midnight  HERE

If you can’t wait that long, the boys have only gone and released another trailer for the upcoming movie where you can get a taste of Best Song Ever. OMG!