Demi Lovato warriortattoo

Demi Lovato’s parents are not overly happy about their daughters 13 tattoos and her mother didn’t talk to her for “a day or so” when she got her forearm inked.

Her mother was not too pleased when she first saw her arm tats. She tells Heat magazine: “I went over to my mum’s and I had it bandaged up, which probably made it look bigger than it was, so she just though id got a half sleeve or something! She didn’t react well and I ended up leaving.

When asked how long they didn’t talk for, Demi replies, “Like a day or so.”

She added: “My mum and I got into a huge fight when I got the birds on my arms, just because she has a different perception of tattoos than my generation does. And so it’s hard to explain to her that it’s like art for your skin and you don’t have to draw it on every day.

Demi had 12 birds tattooed on her lower right arm
Demi had 12 birds tattooed on her lower right arm

“It was pretty bad. My dad still, to this day, has not mentioned anything about my tattoo, which is pretty funny.”

She said: “It’s something that’s meaningful. My mum and dad get so mad! When it’s littler ones, my mum doesn’t mind so much, but we got into a huge fight over this [pointing to her forearm].”