Morgan Spurlock took to the twitter today to answer 1D fans questions about the boys up coming movie.

Spurlock was asked if the movie was going to have a natural feel or if the boys were going to be acting. He replied “The film is just them being themselves – and we all get to go along for the ride”

He then answered the question that I think we were all dieing to know the answer to, will there be any shirtless moments? The answer “More shirtless moments than you can imagine, now how many of those make it into the final film we’ll have to wait and see”

With regards to what content will actually be in the movie Spurlock expressed “The film will be a combination of Live concert intercut with very intimate behind the scenes footage of the band”

He then went onto explain “We started filming last November in the states and will continue until June when we wrap in Mexico City”

Asked if the movie would make you cry Spurlock admitted “There have been some really lovely emotional moments that we’ve captured, I think fans may shed a tear or two while watching”

Finally Spurlock announced “There will definitely be a few premieres” adding “it will be a worldwide release”

Looks like this movie is going to be packed full of 1D goodness and I don’t think we are the only ones extremely excited about seeing the finally cut.