50 Shades Of Kate - YouTube

You may want to sit down fellas. Kate Moss read a passage from Fifty Shades of Grey on Nick Grimshaw’s Radio 1 Breakfast Show this morning in aid of Comic Relief.

The supermodel usually hates public speaking, but she braved the microphone to do her bit for Comic Relief when more than £200,000 was raised for the challenge.

Grimmy told listeners on air this morning: “What we asked is if we raised £200,000 we would ask infamous supermodel Kate Moss to open that mouth of hers and talk to the world. I can now tell you that we have raised over £200,000 – we have done it! It is time to open your mouth Kate Moss. Good morning!”

Kate then explained how nervous she was and how’weird’ the experience is before beginning ’50 Shades of Kate’.

She read: “He steps out of his shoes, and reaches down to take them off, each of his socks, never taking his eyes off me.
“I am rendered speechless by the look of hunger in his eyes. Wow, to be wanted by this Greek God, I mirror his actions and step out of my black flats.
“Suddenly, he reaches for me, backing me up against the wall, kissing me – my face, my throat, my lips, running his hands through my hair I feel the cool smooth, tiled wall at my back and the chill of the ceramic.
“Tentatively I place my arms on his upper arms and he groans as I squeeze tightly.”
Collapsing into laughter, Kate exclaimed: “Oh my God.”

Well Kate, no need to be shy, you can read a bedtime story to us any time.

WATCH ’50 Shades of Kate’ below:

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