Louis Tomlinson takes to twitter to defend pal Justin Bieber

Mar - 10 2013 | no comments


Its been a rough week for Justin Bieber with fainting on stage and having a run in with a paparazzi. But last night One Direction member

Louis Tomlinson took to twitter to express his empathy towards the star.

“@Louis_Tomlinson: Although I don’t know him personally, I do wish the press would take it easy on @justinbieber”

“@Louis_Tomlinson: I really do empathise with him, I don’t see anything out of character in comparison to any other teenagers I know.”

Fellow boyband member Zayn Malik also chimed in and showed his support for Bieber

“@zaynmalik1d: @Louis_Tomlinson: what a dude man ha got your back bro !!@justinbieber” 

Although Justin has been under fire by many in the last week it looks like the One Direction boys have got his back.

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