Taylor Swift and Harry Styles seen leaving the Central Park Zoo in NYC

Taylor Swift is buying Harry Styles Beatles memorabilia for Christmas – and is reportedly willing to pay out up to £50,000.

Taylor wants to get  some rare merchandise for her new boyfriend and surprised shop assistance when she revealed her budget..

A source told the Daily Star newspaper: “Harry spent £900 on Taylor for her recent birthday and now she wants to repay the favour – and then some.

“She’s been phoning Beatles stores in Liverpool hoping to find pieces of rare autographed memorabilia she knows Harry will love.

“A staff member at one store let slip she wanted to spend somewhere between £40,000 and £50,000.”

Taylor was showered with gifts by Harry when she turned 23 earlier this month, including a Jimmy Choo bag, antique earrings, perfume, and a black and white photo of the Taylor in a vintage frame.

Harry, 18, has previously praised The Beatles as “icons” and admitted he finds comparisons between his chart-topping group and the ‘She Loves You’ hitmakers “ridiculous”.

He has said: “We watched that film of The Beatles when they touched down in America and saw a likeness with our personalities. They loved having a laugh like us.

“But the comparisons seem ridiculous to us, because they were such icons.”