Katy Perry is shocked to have been chosen as Billboard’s Woman of the Year thanks to achieving international success in the charts and overcoming personal heartache.
Katy Perry has been named Billboard’s Woman of the Year.

The ‘Teenage Dream’ singer feels “honoured” to have been granted the coveted award and is proud to be regarded as a strong, independent woman as well as recognised for her musical talent.

She told Billboard magazine: “When I heard, I was very honoured. I was also a bit surprised because I thought my year was over! Especially with ending the tour last year, but it’s nice to see that it’s been extended. It does feel like this record has never ended!

“It’s nice, I really appreciate it. I like to be viewed as a strong woman and I think that’s what Billboard is basically saying.”

The sexy pop star has had a mammoth year, completing a 12-month, 124-date tour in 2011 as well as releasing her first 3D fly-on-the-wall concert movie ‘Katy Perry: Part Of Me’.

She has also overcome heartbreak after divorcing comedian Russell Brand in January and turned successful entrepreneur. She will be releasing her third fragrance in 2013.

Katy has recently been spotted house-hunting for a love nest with her boyfriend John Mayer in Los Angeles.