The ‘I Found You’ singers also expect to be pranked by the Biebs.

The five-piece boy band confirmed that they are joining Justin for four dates on the North American leg of his ‘Believe’ tour. Two in Canada and two in New York’s legendary Madison Square Gardens.

“We picked out two dates in Canada, we’ve actually got a mad fanbase out there, we’re two dates in Madison Square Garden as well so we’re looking forward to it,” Nathan Sykes told Entertainmentwise.

Nathan and fellow band member Max George have also stated that their Canadian friend is quite the prankster.

“Justin’s a lot of fun, I’m expecting a lot of pranks on us. He’s a pranker. He can be a little s**t and I like that. He hasn’t actually tried it on with me, I think he’s a little bit scared,” Max stated.

“He punched Siva in the balls, he tweeted Siva a private joke and that was the private joke.” Nathan added: “He’s going for Siva’s balls.”

Well, Siva you have been warned. It’s time to protect the Kaneswaran family jewels.