FILM REVIEW: Transformers: Age of Extinction

Jul - 14 2014 | no comments | By

This new shot at the transformers franchise has gone back to basics, Michael Bay is back directing so expect the Michael Bay way, Lots of action and explosions.   

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FILM REVIEW: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Apr - 26 2014 | no comments | By

This instalment of the new Spiderman franchise is Andrew Garfield’s (Spiderman/Peter Parker) second outing as the title character, it is also Emma Stone’s (Gwen Stacy) as Peter Parkers love interest. This is in essence what the film ends up being, a love story/tragedy.

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FILM REVIEW: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Mar - 27 2014 | no comments | By

Having seen the first instalment of this marvel super hero movie, I was expecting big things, as the first movie was a great start to the franchise, the eagerly awaited Captain America: The Winter Soldier did not disappoint.

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