Are Niall and Amy an item? We think so!

Oct - 19 2012 | 21 comments

Sorry, fans! Niall might be keeping mum, but we think Amy Green is one lucky gal pal.

The ‘friends’ have been seeing a lot of each other lately – and were even spotted together last night visiting Niall’s bestie Darren Flynn. We’re no experts but all signs point in one direction.

It was confirmed by Darren via Twitter saying: “Chilling in my new gaf with @NiallOfficial and @AmyGreen92 haha nial your a boss! house warming soon i think”.

Amy and Niall were first linked earlier last month when the duo met during the filming of the boy band’s tour screens video-shoot. They have since forged a very close friendship.

On October 16, Niall tweeted that Amy’s was his favourite laugh. In response to: ‘Who’s (sic) laugh is the funniest you’ve ever heard?’, the 1D hunk tweeted: “My friend @AmyGreen92”

One Direction performed at the Radio 1 Teen Awards on October 7, where the band scooped prizes across three categories. The star later admitted that he was in pain during the performance from an earlier leg injury, and that he would need crutches.

Niall and Amy were spotted together later that night at Cheryl Cole’s gig and the ‘friends’ were later seen heading back to Niall’s apartment after the concert, where Amy was helping Niall on his crutches.

More than friends? You be the judge.

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  • coty


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  • no estoy lista para que mi irlandes ponga en twitter que tiene novia,no podre superarlo:'(

  • Don’t be jealous! I’m so happy for them!

    • jimmymav

      Agree totally with you. This isn’t a bad thing.

  • im depressed nom

    brb while i go drink some bleach

  • Teresa Horan

    If Niall rlly is going out with this gal, I’ll lose the one chance I never had of being with Niall. I’ll cry, no sob, until I can no more, but I’d be happy for her, but if she broke Niall’s heart …. well let’s just say she won’t be seeing daylight again. :'(

  • Alleah Tomlinson

    I’m crying. NO. NO. NO. :( If they were an ‘item’ I would curl up in fetal position and cry my heart out. Just, no :( I’m so jealous.

  • Euuge

    LPM! Esto no me Gusta… D”:

  • sooo

    well he said he was single on le grand journal but

  • I`ll believe it when he comes out and says “Im in a relationship” for now Im going to pretend that this is just a nightmare since IM MOVING TO MULLENGAR FOR THIS MAN!

  • .


  • Emelie

    Oh, so friends can’t stay at eachothers apartments? Wait till Niall says something about this himself.

  • stop. leave him.

    dont think he’ll follow you on twitter if you keep spreading false stories.

  • Dana

    She’s just a true friend thats it! x

  • tash

    I knew it since the last month

  • idk

    im goin to eat my toenails then puke out of my ears

  • Taylor