Today marks the long-awaited debut of global music superstar Perrie’s solo single ‘Forget About Us’.

Co-written by Perrie with Ed Sheeran, David Hodges, and Steve Solomon, ‘Forget About Us’ is a bittersweet uptempo pop anthem that showcases Perrie’s stunning vocal talent. In this remembrance of past relationships, she sings, “I don’t want you to ever forget about us in the front seat / listening to songs that made you think about me.”

Directed by Jake Nava and shot in Cape Town, the forthcoming music video promises to add visual depth to Perrie’s soulful narrative.

While the world may know her as the self-assured Perrie from Little Mix, her solo venture unveils a transformative journey of self-discovery. Initially shy and unsure of her songwriting abilities, Perrie’s solo debut album reveals her bold exploration of diverse genres, from rock to motown to bright, bold pop.

Most of the album was written and recorded at Perrie’s North London home, providing a safe space for her creativity to flourish. Collaborating with renowned artists like Ed Sheeran, Raye, and Jon Bellion, Perrie fearlessly explores her emotions and life experiences through music.

With her sights set on live performances, Perrie looks forward to sharing her music with the world and experiencing the joy of fans singing her songs back to her. Whether sensitive or powerhouse, Perrie’s distinctive vocals promise to captivate audiences as she shares her personal story through music.