Celebrity Big Brother made a return to ITV1 last night, with a peak of 3.2 million viewers, and an average of 2.8 million tuning in across various devices. This impressive viewership marks the highest launch for the show since 2016. As the latest batch of celebrities entered the house, viewers were treated to a night filled with drama, intrigue, and entertainment. From surprising alliances to unexpected confrontations, here are the highlights from last night’s unforgettable premiere.

Sharon and Louis Join the Rest of Their Housemates

In the latest twist in the house, Sharon finds herself in the spotlight after placing three of her fellow housemates – Gary, David, and Zeze – in the danger zone, facing eviction. As Sharon and Louis make their grand entrance to the lounge, they are met with applause from the other housemates, marking the beginning of their introduction. However, the jovial atmosphere quickly shifts as conversation turns to Sharon’s decision, with Fern expressing her disapproval. Louis, facing interrogation from Zeze, remains tight-lipped about the criteria behind their choices, leading to tense confrontations and unanswered questions.

Ekin-Su Seeks Life Advice from Fern, Louis, and Sharon

After exchanging greetings with the new housemates, Louis and Sharon, Ekin-Su takes a moment to seek wisdom from them on the mezzanine. Reflecting on life, Sharon emphasises the value of time and encourages Ekin-Su to live life to the fullest. Later, in a heartfelt conversation with Fern, Ekin-Su opens up about her struggles with maintaining a confident facade and seeks advice on embracing vulnerability. Fern, offering words of encouragement, advises Ekin-Su to embrace her authentic self and not to hide her vulnerabilities from the world.

Sharon Talks Her Love for the UK and Life with Ozzy

In a candid moment with Marisha, Sharon reminisces about her life in LA and reveals her plans to move back to the UK from April, expressing her longing for her home country. Sharing insights into her enduring relationship with Ozzy, Sharon reflects on their lifetime together and the natural evolution of their love. Marisha, intrigued by their bond, marvels at their enduring commitment, prompting Sharon to reflect on the enduring nature of true love. Despite Ozzy’s struggles, Sharon remains optimistic about their future, highlighting the challenges of their long-distance relationship.

Gary Opens Up About His Royal Connections

In a casual conversation in the kitchen, Gary, Louis, and Sharon delve into discussions about the royal family. Gary, sharing his perspective on being related to famous personalities, opens up about the challenges of living under the spotlight. Reflecting on his connections to the royal family, Gary candidly discusses the difficulties of maintaining familial relationships amidst public scrutiny. As the conversation turns to Will and Kate, Gary expresses admiration for their role in rejuvenating the royal family’s image. Louis, seizing the opportunity, probes Gary about his interactions with Meghan Markle, hinting at untold stories and royal encounters.

In a house filled with drama, revelations, and heartfelt moments, the dynamics between the housemates continue to evolve, promising more twists and turns in the days to come.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on ITV1 and ITVX