Internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter Rita Ora has just released her highly anticipated album, “You & I,” under the BMG label. This remarkable body of work weaves together various chapters of her relationship, offering a deeply personal and introspective journey. Paying homage to her eclectic tastes, the album represents a new stage in Rita’s life and career. You can listen to “You & I” below.

According to Rita, “‘You’ in ‘You & I’ signifies more than just the man I love. It represents my mother, my friends, my fans, and, in a way, it symbolizes the relationship I have with myself. This album has been like my diary for the past two years, and I’m thrilled that you finally get to hear it.”

Every track on “You & I” is co-written by Rita herself, making it her most personal and diary-like project to date. Collaborating with executive producer Oak Felder (known for his work with Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, Alicia Keys, Usher), Rita has crafted a spirited record that explores the euphoria of falling in love, set to infectious tracks destined for the dancefloor.

The album takes listeners on a nostalgic journey, with songs like “Girl in the Mirror” paying homage to her younger self, and “Notting Hill” reminiscent of her teenage years. “That Girl” cleverly incorporates elements from Eddie Murphy’s “Party All The Time” and embodies Rita’s philosophy of embracing fun at every stage of life. Meanwhile, the defiant “Shape of Me” serves as a bittersweet tribute to Rita’s relationship with her mother.

In addition to these tracks, “You & I” also features previously released singles such as “Don’t Think Twice,” “Praising You” (featuring Fatboy Slim), and “You Only Love Me,” which have collectively amassed nearly 100 million global streams.

This album marks a significant milestone in Rita’s career as it is the first under her new partnership with BMG. The collaboration grants her ownership of all her future master recordings and offers her artistic control in a way she has not experienced before.

Rita Ora’s multi-platinum music career has garnered both commercial success and critical acclaim, with an impressive track record of 13 UK Top 10 singles and four UK Number One singles. She holds the record for the most UK Top 10 singles by a British female artist. In the US, Rita has made her mark with a #3 Billboard Hot 100 song, seven Top 10 hits on Billboard’s Dance Club Songs Chart (five of which reached #1), and six Top 20 singles on Billboard’s Hot Dance/Electronic Songs Chart. With “You & I,” Rita continues to solidify her position as a versatile and celebrated artist.

Don’t Think Twice
You Only Love Me
Praising You (feat. Fatboy Slim)
Unfeel It
Waiting for You
You & I
That Girl
Shape of Me
Look At Me Now
Girl in the Mirror
Notting Hill
I Don’t Wanna Be Your Friend

Rita Ora – You & I

Listen to You & I by Rita Ora.

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You & I Album Artwork
Credit: Michella Bredahl