Ahead of the release of her third album, Anne-Marie has dropped new track ‘Trainwreck’ (listen below).

Produced by Billen Ted (Raye, Becky Hill) and written by Anne-Marie, Kamille (Dua Lipa) and Plested (Lewis Capaldi), the song captures the sweet relief of breaking free from a bad relationship.

“The song is about being with someone who’s not good for you, but you stay with them because you’re scared of what will be afterwards. You think that you’re going to be down and lost and lonely but then you dump them and realise how much happier you are without them in your life,” says Anne-Marie.

Pulling from all parts of her life, Anne-Marie’s new album ‘Unhealthy’ offers us a sneak peek into her perfectly imperfect world. Penned over a period when she felt ready to revisit and try and make sense of a host of raw, past relationships whilst also learning to process positive new ones, the new album takes us on a journey from chaos to contentment; this is Anne-Marie standing tall, embracing an all-new version of herself that’s fiercer, bolder, more chaotic and blissfully happier than ever before.


Listen to TRAINWRECK by Anne-Marie.