The new track “No One Knows We’re Dancing” by Everything But The Girl has been revealed, along with its accompanying lyric video. This song is included in their upcoming album Fuse, set to release on Friday, 21 April.

Their previous tracks “Run A Red Light”, “Caution To The Wind” and “Nothing Left To Lose” have already been well-received by press, radio and editorial playlists. The duo talks about their new song, which is a nostalgic tribute to the crowded nightclubs of the past. The tempo of the song is slow and dreamy, with added synth lines and Italo-flavored drums by producer-DJ Ewan Pearson.

Everything But The Girl – No One Knows We’re Dancing (Lyric Video)

‘No One Knows We’re Dancing’ from Everything But The Girl’s forthcoming album, ‘Fuse’.

Fuse is a new album by Ben Watt and Tracey Thorn, which was written and produced by them during the spring-summer of 2022. The album is a contemporary take on the electronic soul sound that the band pioneered in the mid-90s, featuring Thorn’s rich and emotional vocals over Watt’s glimmering soundscape. The album was recorded secretly at home and in a small riverside studio outside Bath, with early takes focusing on ambient sound montages and improvised spectral piano loops recorded by Watt on his iPhone.

Everything But The Girl gained recognition on the UK indie scene in 1982 and released a number of successful albums experimenting with various music genres. Their biggest hit, “Missing”, became a global radio success after New York DJ-producer Todd Terry’s remix. After their final show in 2000, the band decided to disband on a high note.

“No One Knows We’re Dancing” is currently available and the album Fuse will be released on 21 April.