Los Angeles-based artist MALIA has released her new single ‘Only One’, the first single from her upcoming EP, What’s After ‘I Love You?,’ due out March 4th via Black Sea Music.

‘Only One’ premiered with FLOOD Magazine and is an enchanting alt-R&B track, which sees MALIA grappling with the aftermath of unrequited love, the moments when you step back and question the relationship. On the song, MALIA looks inwards, her soulful, velvety vocals uplifting the lyrics as she muses:

“guess I love way too hard
did I make this up
am I the one?
the only one in love?”

A conceptual work surrounding heartbreak, the songs on What’s After ‘I Love You?’ chronicle the life-shattering stages after a breakup. Within it, MALIA navigates realising a love is lost, questions all she once knew to be true, and finds healing in channelling her experiences into creativity. MALIA embraces vulnerability on the record, invites us to open ourselves up to love, and shows us that beauty can come from pain.

MALIA – Only One

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