I had the pleasure of seeing Astroid Boys, Manga and The Northaze put on an unforgettable show at The Waterfront, Norwich.

The Northaze and Manga set the bar high with their confident stage presence opening the show as Astroid Boys support acts. The Northaze got the crowd engaged with their catchy songs (and the sweets they were handing out). Manga straight away had the crowd drawn to the front with his impressively quick rapping and bubbly personality.

There was never a dull moment watching the grime/heavy punk band Astroid Boys. They opened the show with ‘Cheque’ which instantly had everyone going crazy. Their passion during every song didn’t go unmissed.

Their speech about everyone being foreigners to each other prior their song ‘foreigners’ had the crowd and myself cheering. The band really connected with the crowd, making jokes between songs. You could tell how comfortable the boys all were on stage and even off stage as during ‘Rinsa’ Benji came off stage into the crowd.

Another one of the audience favourites was their song ‘Minging’. This song created one of the strangest mosh pits I’ve experienced at a gig. All their songs had a different vibe to them. Such as ‘Dirt’ which was one of the more heavier songs they played. Astroid boys closed the show with their most requested song ‘Dusted’.

I haven’t stopped listening to Dusted since the gig. Two genres I would never usually put together yet they worked so well. A truly talented bunch of musicians which I can’t wait to see live again. I would strongly recommend seeing them on their future tours. The collective of Traxx (MC), Benji (MC), DJ Comfort (DJ)
Dellux (producer) and Big H (drums) are going places.