L Devine​ has unveiled the cleverly-curated lyric video for ‘School Girls’, her debut single.
A supernaturally catchy, low-slung R&B offering, L Devine sets forward a track that is universally empathetic to not just the growing pains of female adolescence, but almost everyone who has ever felt ostracized.

Watch the video here:

https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=v2-_0Q98hic

The illustrator behind the sassy video is L’s friend Chloe who runs the female empowerment blog BABE U OK.
“I was so inspired by the lyrics of ‘School Girls’.” Chloe muses.

“I think they are a perfect reflection of how it can feel growing up and finding yourself. It highlights so beautifully how important it is to stay true to yourself and embrace your quirks – being yourself is what makes you sparkle.”

Speaking about the video, L says: “School Girls is about all the shit you can go through at school with girls being mean to each other.

In contrast, Babe U OK is about girls uniting and being lovely and supportive to each other. I love Chloe’s blog – her style fits the song perfectly.

It talks about the awkward, embarrassing moments and struggles of being a young girl. I’ve loved collaborating with her on the lyric video.”

At just 20, she writes, produces, plays piano, drums, guitar and sings.

After posting her own rendition of Beyonce’s ‘Mine’ on YouTube, her online following soon swelled. Encouraged, Devine ditched her car, saved up three months rent, and left home in Newcastle for London, throwing everything into the melting pot of her burgeoning career.

Ever determined, she reached out to music producers, before being noticed by Micky Valens (a favourite producer of Devine’s). Valens was so impressed that he flew over to London to record ‘School Girls’ with her.

Quietly charismatic, L Devine continues to demonstrate that she’s ballsy in attitude and approach: and with so much ahead of her, cements herself as one to closely watch.