All Saints today release the video for their new single ‘One Strike’. Since the song was premiered last week, the track has been critically acclaimed as one of the best pop moments of 2016 so far. Watch it below:

‘One Strike’ is available now as part of the pre-order for the band’s new album ‘Red Flag’, released April 8th. The track is a canny, charming reminder of everything huge swathes of the global pop audience loved about All Saints in the first place.

A perceptible call to arms for anyone who experiences a single moment, perhaps a phone call or conversation, that changes your life completely. The song is set against a lovelorn yet uplifting melody and the most heart-breaking middle eight likely to be sung by any harmonious assembly this year.

12million record sales, five number one singles, two multi-platinum albums and two Brit awards. The stats speak for themselves. As they turned from their teens to their twenties, All Saints were the symbolic British girl-band gateway to the new millennium.

They were an irrepressible, immediately identifiable gang that would mascot us through to the 21st century. With music touched by a panoply of sharply honed influences, from The Shirelles through 90s hip hop, disco, slouchy club electronica and touched all over with the proximity the women grew up to Notting Hill Carnival, they were the flip-side of the tween-pop sound of their peers.

Now 19 years after their debut instruction, against several striking odds, All Saints know exactly where it’s at again.