VIDEO ARCHIVE: Listen to this never-before-heard interview with The Vamps’ Tristan Evans

Nov - 24 2015 | no comments

“Wake Up”!!! British pop heart-throbs The Vamps are back with a brand new single, a sophomore full-length album due 27th November, and a new soon-to-be sold out world tour. But flashback to April 2014, right before the release of the band’s debut album “Meet the Vamps”. . . Ever wondered how drummer Tristan Evans was feeling and what he was up to right before the boys went supernova? Then listen to this in-depth, candid, unedited & never-before-heard interview with Tristan. It’s just as if you were chatting to him on the phone for 10 minutes. Minus the screaming & hyperventilating of course!

Tristan Evans spoke to us about touring, his love of the Vamily fandom, his favourite tracks from debut album “Meet the Vamps”, how he balances work & personal life, and what he does in his downtime. (Top Tip: Shake Shack in London’s Covent Garden features heavily!) In addition, Tristan faced our Quick-Fire Biographical Trivia Questions, with some honest & funny results! Wonder whether he still takes his latte with 3 sugars whilst watching trees go by. . .

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