One Direction today launch their brand new microsite, in association with Google and their upcoming fifth album Made in the A.M. –

The site is a fully interactive fan experience with new content delivered daily for the new two weeks in the lead up to the album’s global released on November 13th.

The site will be a special treat for One Direction fans worldwide with exclusive content, lyric reveals, unseen footage, brand new photos and much more.

The site goes live in partnership with Google. By using Street View in Google Maps, One Direction fans all over the world will have the chance to take a virtual tour of the Made In The A.M. space. For the first time with familiar Street View navigation, you can explore the space as if you were there in real life allowing fans an insider look in to the 1D world.

This Street View imagery was collected via a Google Tripod through their Street View Special Collections program, enabling a 360-degree virtual tour of iconic landmarks, cultural sites, museums and more. You can experience exteriors – and in this case interiors and their ambience/decor – with familiar Street View navigation. Street View Special Collects are a series of high resolution panoramic photos that are stitched together to create a 360-degree interactive experience. These virtual tours appears in Google Maps, Google Search results and Google+, whether you’re using your computers, smartphones or tablets.
Deanna Yick, Street View Program Manager.said: “Our 360-degree Street View technology has allowed us to bring One Direction’s world to life in Google Maps. We hope One Direction fans everywhere are as excited as we are to take the virtual tour, and feel like you’ve been there with the band.”