Life can be a little too connected these days so what better way to get away from it all then by switching off for the weekend. innocent un-plugged is a festival that promises to do just that.

This summer innocent is going back to its festival roots for an off-the-grid weekend with a difference – any power we use will be generated by you and the sun.

Take a walk into the woods, pitch your tent and disconnect from frantic city life at innocent un-plugged. At our secret woodland location just outside London you can switch off your phone, rest your stress and forget about Facebook. There’s no wifi, 3G, or traditional electricity – just good people and good times. Bring your scrapbook and get back to creating real memories, rather than snapping selfies and fiddling around with filters.

You can discover brilliant bands and DJs, be inspired by incredible speakers, engage in fascinating workshops, feast at our locally sourced forest banquet or simply relax at the wood-fired outdoor spa.

With great music all weekend long, plants to be foraged, adventures to be had and laughter yoga classes to join (whatever that is), it’s a million times more enjoyable than scrolling through the status updates of that guy you met in Croatia 2006.

Unplug & Recharge.

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