Following the premiere of the new track on Zane Lowe’s Radio 1 show, Prides now have a spectacular video for Higher Love, the new single that is being released on March 23. Check it out below:

Hot off the back of a second sold out UK tour, the video proves what everyone is saying about this fantastic live band – they can literally turn anything into a hot euphoric gig, even a… bingo hall in Glasgow.

Singer, Stewart Brock says, ‘We once got a live review that said we play “every venue like it’s an arena”. That was where the idea came from for this video, and we decided to push that idea as far as we could. So it’s a full on Prides performance; smoke, lights, balloons, confetti, pyro, but during a Bingo game in a rather disinterested working men’s club in Glasgow.

However, the “bored” extras were all incredible actors, because actually they bloody loved it, and made the shoot one of the most enjoyable we’ve ever done. Plus the bar was open, which definitely helped!

It’s filmed with Jordan & Ian from Something Something, who have filmed all our videos so far, and this time Ian’s dad Gordon makes an appearance as the Bingo caller, and totally steals the show.’