EP REVIEW: Chase Atlantic ‘Dalliance’

Jun - 20 2014 | no comments

If you don’t recognize Chase Atlantic, get used to those faces, you’ll be seeing a lot more of them in future!

If you recognize the faces, you’re not crazy; you may have seen members Christian Anthony and Mitchel Cave as part of ‘What About Tonight’ on the 2012 season of The X Factor Australia, or maybe spotted one of Clinton and Mitchel’s YouTube covers.

Chase Atlantic is definitely a band to keep an eye on, the new EP ‘Dalliance’ sounds a lot like something you’d find on a CD by The 1975, and is definitely one of the best Aussie releases I’ve heard all year!

The first track of the EP; ‘Anchor Tattoo’, opens up the track list with a definite bang, and hooks you in for the rest of the EP with its more punk rock vibe. The following track, ‘Gravity’ offers a completely different change of pace and style, slowing it down a bit for the next track ‘Hold Your Breath’ as well. From the very beginning of ‘Run Away’, the pace picks up a little and the style changes a lot, and the song is incredibly catchy and easy to listen to! The final track, ‘Gravity (So Much Higher Remix)’ finishes off the EP on a very light note, and the new version of the song finishes off an amazing EP with a great ending!

The ‘Dalliance’ EP is a must-listen to! It has me beyond impressed, and the different tracks are very refreshing!

The ‘Dalliance’ EP is now Available on iTunes and the Google play store:


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