Striking, euphonious and iconic; a selection of words that might be used to describe the sound of English Indie rock band, Bastille’s infectious upcoming single, Bad Blood.

Bad Blood, like most of Bastille’s tracks conventionally begins with the sound of lead singer, Dan Smith chorusing the beat of the music, just as is done in the bands Number 2 single, Pompeii. Notably, the harmony of the vocals, coupled with the sound of a piano and the bass guitar is not uncommon when associated with the band’s sound, one of a rustic and yet iconic quality.

Of course, this is generally affiliated with the lugubrious but undoubtedly soulful sound of Dan’s vocals. Easily the combination of vocals and instruments create a powerful atmosphere and even more so when you listen closely to the lyrics which, like the sound of the music, remain doleful, tense and yet importantly passionate.

Whilst the song can be assumed to be quite melancholic, only through much of the lyrics, Bastille is also known for creating an intense sound and this is very similarly done here such as through the equal melody of the synth sounds and live instruments.

For fans of Bastille, this song is ultimately a likely favourite and in all honesty I think it epitomizes the soul and passion the band evokes through their sound. However for general music fans who tend to prefer more upbeat and lively music I wouldn’t count on this song making it into your top lists specifically because of how the song epitomizes much of Bastille’s work as an indie band who focus on creating deep, meaningful and in many cases, sad songs.

So if you’re feeling adventurous go grab a copy of Bad Blood, available 2nd June.