If you ever needed an example that hard work pays off then look no further than Room 94. The unsigned four-piece pop/rock band from North London and their “Do It Yourself” attitude and work ethic has seen them rise from obscurity to support act and now, completed a headline gig that saw them play some of the country’s finest venues. And to top it off, the release of their debut studio album No Strings Attached.

The three brothers Kieran Lemon (vocals, guitar), Dean Lemon (drums, backing vocals), Sean Lemon (guitar, backing vocals) and good friend Kit Tanton (bass guitar) – have spent their time as a band to date criss-crossing the UK in their beat up old splitter van, building up a loyal fan base at every stop along the way. The group have also earned a name for themselves in Poland where they’re greeted with a fanatical reception whenever they perform.

Ahead of their own 2014 headline shows, the boys are soon set to join both Lawson’s autumn tour and Union J’s very first UK and Ireland tour.

Following their biggest headline tour to date, Room 94 released their debut studio album “No Strings Attached” on 10th March 2014.

Pop Scoop! caught up with Kieren and Sean Lemon just before hitting the stage for the final night of their UK tour at London KOKO.


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