Ariana & the Rose, a NYC based electro pop outfit, are making quite a name for themselves in the UK. Having already performed prolifically across the States in such legendary venues as the Whiskey A Go Go in LA and the Gramercy Theater in New York (at the latter she played the after-party for Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way Ball’), Ariana had the privilege of being asked to take part in Sir Paul McCartney’s video for ‘Queenie Eye’. 

After working with renowned producer David Kahne (Lana Del Ray, New Order) on her fledgling EP and the success of her single, ‘Heartbeat’, in various Music Week charts last year, the young songstress drew attention from many industry names. One of these included Madonna’s video director brother, Christopher Ciccone, who directed the sultry video for ‘In Your Bed’.

Ariana & the Rose show no sign of slowing down, writing her upcoming full length album with top writers in New York, Los Angeles, London, Copenhagen, Oslo, and Stockholm. “I am so blessed to have these opportunities to put pen to paper in creating music that shares a snap shot of our common young battles, emotions and experiences. It’s sophisticated pop”, says Ariana.

Above all else, hers is music with mainstream appeal and commercial ambition that refuses to pander to market trends. It is personal and idiosyncratic, with a tendency to experiment, while also remaining intensely accessible. In a word: pop. Ariana & the Rose are the acceptable face of the genre.
“Pop shouldn’t be a guilty pleasure. It’s time”, she says, “for pop girls to be cool again.”

With her introductory single ‘Heartbeat’ echoing down numerous runways, as well as performing at several of the hottest after parties throughout the fashion season in cities including New York, London and Paris, Ariana is excited to unleash her latest offering.

Ariana & the Rose are set to release their new single ‘In Your Bed’ next month. The single will be released one month ahead of their eagerly awaited debut EP ‘Head vs Heart’, following a hugely successful 2013 which saw high praise from The Guardian’s Paul Lester stating “This music is pop, epic…instantly appealing.”

We caught up with Ariana & the Rose during her London visit where she spent time writing in the studio and sitting front row at London Fashion Week.