Jumping straight out of new romanticism with cultured hybrid intensity is synth-pop band Mega Emotion’s new single “City in Shapes”.

The band hailing from Norwich are a trio of two girls and a guy who blend electronic and live drums, synths and guitars with some interested results.

High Octane synths, simple beats and a dash of guitar is what Mega Emotion is all about. It sounds very influenced by Gary Numan with a little twist, like Coca Cola with vanilla…. taking something loved by the masses and projecting it to a new audience.

Music to come out of Norwich has seemed to have monged into state of metal or lovey dovey song writer decay. And ‘ME’ (Mega Emotion) has awoken from a Narcoleptic slumber to sweep us away on their synthesized zephyr to more greener more digital pastures.

“City in Shapes” is as infectious as obesity and as incurable as MRSA; Mega Emotion are sure to be the next epidemic. The single was released on the 10th february and ‘ME’ are releasing their EP ‘Fake Feelings’ on April 15th.

Listen to ‘City in Shapes’ below: