IN PICTURES: Behind the scenes with 5Angels ‘Kiss & Tell’ video

Feb - 03 2014 | 1 comment

Following a nationwide winter tour with boy band Union J, which gained them a new legion of fans online, 5Angels have released the official audio of their new single ‘Kiss & Tell’, due out April, 2014.

5Angels shot their music video for ‘Kiss & Tell’ in London last week and we give you a sneak peek, with some behind the scenes images.

Kiss & Tell is a fun, dance-along track produced by Eternal’s hit maker Denis Ingoldsby and written by Kes Ingoldsby. It tells the story of a young crush and kiss, which goes wrong; ‘Boys, why you got to kiss and tell, thought you had me under your spell…’ Music lovers who have embraced catchy pop tunes from the likes of Girls Aloud, Sclub Juniors (8) and Spice Girls, will love this party song.

In addition, this month 5Angels were shortlisted by TV American Idol host, Ryan Seacrest for ‘Best One Direction Cover’ on his site: They are currently in round 2 of the contest.

5Angels 'Kiss & Tell' Behind The Scenes  (5)

5Angels 'Kiss & Tell' Behind The Scenes  (4)

5Angels 'Kiss & Tell' Behind The Scenes  (3)

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