Sophomore efforts are always hazardous, but with ‘Obsession’, the second single lifted from her forthcoming first album, Tich has well and truly lived up to the promise of her debut ‘Dumb’.

If you thought that first pop-napalm of a single was cute & catchy, then trust me when I say this is CUTE & CATCHY. It’s so uberhook-laden, the hooks even have hooks of their own! A big beat drives alongside sparkly keyboards a-glitter, while the vocal chorus backup singers are infectiously DIY sing-along. Tich’s sweet, husky alto full of quirky breaks and cracks is a perfect match for this syrupy tale of a girl’s first major boy-crush.

She appears to have also developed an adorably pouty quasi-lisp, repeatedly singing the title word as “o-session”. (Yeah, OK, guilty as charged – I’m smitten. . .) Tich has promised that some of her upcoming work will be darker a la her debut EP ‘Candlelight’, so it will be interesting to see if the current souped-up production style is carried over successfully. 

Fun Task: Listen to ‘Obsession’ as a companion piece to Eminem’s ‘Stan’. Psychos can come in all shapes and sizes.

Release Date: Out Now

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Release Date: Out Now

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