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One Direction’s forthcoming film will examine what happens inside a fan’s body when they hear the group’s music.

Director Morgan Spurlock has interviewed medical experts for the documentary ‘This Is Us’ to explore “why” certain people were so obsessed with the boys.

Speaking to the New York Post, the Super Size Me director said: “We ask the question ‘Why them?’ We talked to this one doctor who tells us what happens inside a girl’s body when she hears One Direction – like what happens in her brain and what goes on inside of her.”

As well as exploring the inner workings of Directioner, Spurlock recently teased fans by suggesting that the band have been getting their kit off regularly in front of the camera. He said:

“There’s been more shirtless moments than you can imagine – now how many of those make it into the final film we’ll have to wait and see.”

Watch the trailer for This Is Us below: