Zayn Malik has been left “sickened” by Twitter trolls who left abusive messages about one sister dying of cancer and the other of having different dads.

The pop star’s ten-year-old sister Safaa became the target with one disgrasful user reportedly posting a tweet that was later removed: “Guys I just heard the best news ever that Zayn’s retarded Muslim sister has cancer, excuse me while a dance”.

Zayn Malik trolls

Safaa later told her followers: “Sorry I haven’t been that nice to anyone:/ I was just a bit angry how people made FAKE rumors saying I have cancer when I don’t! Sorry x”

Zayn’s older sister Doniya, 20 also had to take to twitter after a woman, who claimed to be a distant relative of her father Yaser, said Doniya and Zayn have different dads.

She tweeted: “I can assure u we have the same dad and hu Eva is telling u this pathetic things is a very sad person.”

A friend of Zayn Malik told the Daily Star newspaper: “Zayn is sickened that people could write such horrible things about his sisters and his mum and dad.

“He is not bothered about people saying things about him but for someone to write that a little girl has cancer just for the fun of it is totally obscene.

The source added: “He told Safaa and Doniya to ignore the people spouting nonsense but it is not that easy for them because they have to deal with this stuff every day at university and school.