Olly Murs has defended pal Caroline Flack over her relationship with Harry Styles in an interview with New! magazine, saying he “cares a lot” for his X Factor co-host.

The Dance singer told the magazine: “Me and Caroline are BFFs and we just have a laugh.

“We just get on really, really well and I’m always there for her if she needs me. If she ever has any problems or if she’s upset.”

“Obviously, there have been stories about her she hasn’t liked and she can always confide in me. I care a lot about her.”

“She’s a lovely girl and sometimes you can’t help who you fall for. It was not a nice time for her, but I think she handled it really well.

“It was a tough time for her, but I’m friends with Harry as well and I didn’t want to get involved in it too much. Caroline spoke to me about it a couple of times, but it’s her private life and her affair to deal with.”

Speaking of whether he thinks it’ll be awkward when 1D perform their new single on this year’s X Factor, Olly replied: “Of course it would be a little bit difficult, but I’m sure Caroline would be fine.

“She’s very thick-skinned and I’m sure she and Harry have spoken since their split.”

“We still flirt a lot anyway, but it never got to the point of us kissing or going out and obviously Harry was dating her at the time anyway!”