Ed Sheeran: One Direction Are Going To Win European Music Award

Sep - 26 2012 | no comments

The ‘Lego House’ singer broke his prediction to MTV News. When asked about his nomination for an EMA for Best U.K. and Ireland Act, Sheeran said it was “quite cool. I was a bit surprised about that”.

When asked why he was surprised, Sheeran replied: “Because the EMA kind of seems like quite the American-leaning awards, even though it’s [European] Music Awards. It’s always kind of American-leaning, and obviously there’s the U.K. and Ireland. I don’t know. I was a bit surprised to be in that. It should be cool.”

Sheeran seemed pretty certain the One Direction would win the fans vote, saying: “It’s public vote, though. So One Direction’s going to pick that up, ’cause anything’s that public vote with One Direction, with them, they’re going to win. Taylor [Swift’s] got like six though, right?”

He also seemed shocked at being nominated for a MOBO: “I’ve been nominated for three MOBOs as well, which is the Music of Black Origin awards and, like, I’m white and make folk music. I haven’t a clue, and that’s public vote as well, so I’ll be very confused if I win that, very confused.”

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