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Following the unveiling of their latest video, One Direction have received massive Twitter backlash after fans began commenting on the similarities of Live While We’re Young and The Clash’s Should I Stay Or Should I Go.

@aliclow said: “One Direction might have ripped off The Clash but let’s not worry, this song will be forgotten in a year or so.”

@GregStubley3 said: “I think its stupid that One Direction’s new shitty song has the same riff as Should I Stay or Should I go by the Clash.”

@MahomiesNet is a fan but fumed: “I do like @OneDirection but I can’t listen to their new song its just The Clash ‘Should I Stay Or Should I Go’, it really bothers me. ”

One Direction were forced to release the video for ‘Live While We’re Young’ early after it a dodgy copy was leaked online.

So now it’s time for the judges. What do you think?

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