One of the planet’s most popular K-pop girl groups of the past decade, Red Velvet, returns with “Cosmic” – a delicious new six-track EP to mark their 10th anniversary. Listen below – out now via SM Entertainment / Virgin Music.

The project is a delightful expansion of Red Velvet’s vivid musical world; weaving together diverse stories and emotions about the values, relationships and existence that makes one shine.

The dreamy, disco-pop single ‘Cosmic’ brings out Red Velvet’s enchanting side in a fairytale-like story describing a serendipitous love crash-landing. The soaring chorus, propelled by the group’s signature vocal harmonies, creates a nostalgic aura with its lively bass guitars and synth strings. ‘Cosmic’ is written by renowned K-pop hitmaker KENZIE with Swedish pop composers Moonshine – both have a history of crafting hits for the group like ‘Peek A Boo’ and ‘Chill Kill’.

Central to Red Velvet’s artistry is their dual concept, which allows the group to flit between ‘red’ (sweet, brighter side) and ‘velvet’ (more mature, darker side) with each project. The “Cosmic” EP – with its softer, romantic and playful collection of songs – is a deliberately stark contrast to Red Velvet’s last release, their third album “Chill Kill”.

The whimsical storytelling on “Cosmic” is further explored on ‘Sunflower’, a fun pop dance song with an emotional melody, describing a sunflower so in love with the sun, it is willing to fly into space to escape the night just to be with it.

The R&B pop track ‘Last Drop’ conjures resonant bass-heavy beats with a deep message about how one can keep shining because they feel safe and protected, and the commitment to illuminate you with all one’s strength, like a white dwarf star that emits light until its final moment.

With its bouncy pop melodies and keyboard sounds that recreate the playful atmosphere of an arcade, ‘Love Arcade’ hears Red Velvet sing about breaking all the rules that come between two lovers in order to create their own world as their hearts desire.

The mesmerising love song ‘Bubble’ hears Red Velvet’s pristine vocal harmonies glide over punchy drum beats and ethereal synths. The track is co-written by Soyo and hotly-tipped producer and songwriter SUMIN, who also did the fan-favourite Red Velvet track ‘Eyes Locked, Hands Locked’ from 2019’s “The ReVe Festival: Finale”. The lyrics convey that a world with you is so dazzlingly brilliant that the entire universe will be envious.

Closing out the journey on this EP is the calming ‘Night Drive’, an R&B pop mid-tempo fused with a dreamy synth-pop sound that could be interpreted as a personal message to listeners. It conveys the message of trusting and moving forward together, like a beautiful night drive filled with memories etched like the stars above.

Cosmic EP tracklisting:
Last Drop
Love Arcade
Night Drive